Vegas Comps

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Even seasoned Vegas travelers don’t exactly know how the comps work in vegas. Heck, I’m not entirely sure how it works either. There’s a few generalizations though about how to get free stuff while in Vegas due to your play at a casino.

Get A Player’s Card
If you are going to gamble for any significant amount of time and/or money, the first step is getting a player’s card at the casino. This is so the casino can track your play and figure out what sort of comps to give you.

Automated Comps

Some casinos automatically give you cash (yes, straight cash) or comp dollars for use at restaurants and stores due to your play. The most famous of this is Harrah’s Rewards Program. While it’s nice and simple, generally these automated comps are the worst in how much you actually get. Also, slot machine players tend to get the most out of these comps. Since the slot machine has the highest house edge, that means they get a decent comp rate, since those machines just drain people of their money quickly.

Casino Host

Most of the time, if you want a decent comp and you don’t play a slot machine, go talk to a casino host. If you play for a lot of money, the casino host may introduce himself to you.

Generally, the way it works is that near the end of your stay, you go to the casino host and ask him or her to comp stuff off of your hotel bill. So whichever hotel you stay at, play at their casino, charge your food to the room, and pray the casino host can comp as much as possible.

If you play for a lot of money (your gambling swings are in the thousands, not the hundreds), there’s a good chance he can comp your stay completely. If you’re a smaller player, then you can maybe get a discount. Also, if you play for a small amount, consider just asking the casino host for a free buffet or something like that, since you probably won’t get the room for free.

The key is the squeeky wheel gets the oil. So play at the hotel you stay at, charge stuff to the room, and bug the casino host to comp stuff. It’s as simple as that.

Mailer Promotions

After you visit the casino and get a players card, they will likely send you offers in the mail. How great of an offer they extend to you generally depends on how much you play and how desperate the casino is for players.

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