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There are several different types of shows in Vegas. Generally speaking, most of them are pretty overrated and probably not worth the price of admission. Shows are very heavily promoted throughout Vegas on billboards, fliers, and moving advertisements. They’re one of the more high-margin attractions that casinos offer. Shows generally have a pretty big start-up cost, but once they’re up and running, they run six nights a week and fill theaters of people at $50-$150 a head. Additionally, they get people through the doors of a casino for dining and gambling. Some casinos live and die based on the success of their top show attraction.

Production Shows

These are the most popular type of shows in Vegas. The Cirque du Soleli shows fit into this category, which are wildly popular though are probably reaching the latter stages of their ability to lure fans. There are several Cirque du Soleli shows throughout the city - at least six, but maybe more. Some take place on water-stages and others on dry stages. The shows usually involve artistic acrobatic performances set to music. While Cirque du Soleli shows are beautiful and impressive, I find them to be a little overrated, but maybe that’s because I’m a huge action-junkie who gets easily bored with watching people twirl around on swinging handlebars. That said, if you need to take a female to a Vegas show, it’s hard to go wrong with Cirque du Soleli. To them, it’s like chocolate or some well-built Spanish guy… they just go nuts for it.

Other big production shows are Phatom of the Opera at Venetian, which I’m told is really good. Tournament of Kings at Excaliber is probably a fun one for kids.

Magic Shows

The two big magic shows in Vegas right now are Criss Angel and Penn and Teller. There are several other lesser-known magic shows which might be better value. A magic show is a magic show. A decent one is not a whole lot worse than a great one. It might be advisable to skip the wildly popular Criss Angel in favor for someone like Lance Burton or Steve Wyrick. Sure, their shows probably aren’t as sexy, but it’s all just smoke and mirrors anyway.

Adult Shows

There are a number of topless adult-only shows throughout the city. As you might guess, these are typically pretty overpriced. Unless you’ve never seen a naked woman before, you’re not missing much. The whole thing is basically a glorified turn-on where the women perform various erotic dance numbers. Though, as far as glorified turn-ons go, these shows are a lot cheaper than lap dances at a strip club.

Comedy Shows

These are my favorite type of Vegas shows. There are two types of comedy shows in Vegas: the nightly, regular shows and the quarterly or semi-annual shows. Jerry Seinfeld performs twice a year at Caesars Palace, but it’s advertised as if he is there every night. The more regular acts in town right now are Louie Anderson, Rita Rudner, Carrot Top, Wayne Brady, and a few others. Generally speaking, I think the special acts are better. There’s usually someone of significance in town just about every weekend. I’d rather try to catch a Kevin James or Lewis Black show than see Rita Rudner go through her nightly routine; but whatever, funny is funny.

Free Shows

Casino mogul Steve Wynn popularized free shows in Vegas starting with the pirate ship show at Treasure Island. There’s a volcano show at Mirage and a waterfall show at Wynn. All of these shows are pretty short (they usually run once an hour and last for about five minutes) and not that spectacular. I mean, sure, kids go nuts for them and everything, but it doesn’t take much to thrill a kid.

The one free show in Vegas that Wynn really hit a home run with are the Fountains at Bellagio. Every 30 or 60 minutes, the pond in front of Bellagio lights up with fountains that dance to music. The enjoyment of the fountains really depends on the song choice, in my opinion. Some of the songs are just whatever, while others are truly gorgeous. I make it a point to visit the Fountains at Bellagio at least once on any trip to Vegas. They are the best and perhaps only thing you can get for free in the city.

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